Monday, February 06, 2006

Icarus Unit Model

I grabbed these images from Dengeki Hobby March 2006 off of For those of you who don't already know his blog you must check it out. Danny posts high quality scans and photos of his new toys and magazines, as well as stories of living in Japan.

The Icarus Unit is an add-on set of equipment to allow the Hazel Custom to fly around in an atmospheric environment. Not shown here is the ability to attach extra pieces of equipment to those big shoulder units. Options include shield boosters, standard shields, missile pods, or arms. With the arms attached it becomes clear that this monster is an ancestor for the Byarlant (if the giant ass thruster didn't tip you off already). Those big shoulder units can also swing forward to allow it to be stashed on board a TR-5 Fiver unit, for atmospheric entry.



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