Thursday, December 08, 2005

NRX-044 Prototype Asshimar TR3 "Kehaar"

I like to think I'm on the up and up with all the AoZ images out there on the internet. But I found some new ones the other day on a Korean blog (Sturm Modeler). If you own Volumes 2 or 3 of the AoZ art books or got the Official Art Book magazine insert than you've seen these. I don't have any of those so they are brand new to me. The only images I had seen of this MS were some model images. I wasn't sure what to make of them. Most AoZ fans are pretty familiar with the NRX-044R, the space-type prototype. This unit is an earth-type MS. It's much closer to the final version of the Asshimar seen in Zeta. Until I saw these, I wasn't sure if this MS was an 'official' AoZ MS or just a model custom.


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