Tuesday, December 27, 2005

FF-X29A G-Parts "Hrududu" Kit

The Feburary issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine will come with a free Hrududu kit to go with your Hazel Custom or Advanced Hazel HGUC kit. Better pick up two copies if you want to build the Hazel-Rah second form. This japanese blog has some nice pics.

And this is what you could do with two kits!

user posted image

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hazel-Rah Second Form

Some new scans of the Hazel-Rah second form are popping up. It has four Hrududu wing boosters , more shield boosters, attaches to the Gaplant rocket booster and is a nice Titans blue.

Flickr Photo

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New MS Profiles

Saturday, December 10, 2005

GM Quel at Anaheim Electronics

Ivan Sanchez over at Anaheim Electronics has started work on a 3D GM Quel. Once he finishes, he plans on moving on to the Hazel series from Advance of Zeta. I saw his Gundam Wing and it was fantastic, so I'm really excited to see AoZ designs done in 3D.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

NRX-044 Prototype Asshimar TR3 "Kehaar"

I like to think I'm on the up and up with all the AoZ images out there on the internet. But I found some new ones the other day on a Korean blog (Sturm Modeler). If you own Volumes 2 or 3 of the AoZ art books or got the Official Art Book magazine insert than you've seen these. I don't have any of those so they are brand new to me. The only images I had seen of this MS were some model images. I wasn't sure what to make of them. Most AoZ fans are pretty familiar with the NRX-044R, the space-type prototype. This unit is an earth-type MS. It's much closer to the final version of the Asshimar seen in Zeta. Until I saw these, I wasn't sure if this MS was an 'official' AoZ MS or just a model custom.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

C3 Chara Hobby 2005 Photos

I found these photos of the C3 Chara Hobby 2005 show on ResetMinsky.

Large version of the poster we've seen.

Icarus Unit, front right.

Top Center: that really looks like a rear view of the Dandelion, but it's seems to be sporting the Galbaldy Beta booster pod?

Mecha Hangar yeah!

HiZack Cannon Type

Keehar Earth Type?

Keehar Earth Type?

Dandelion TR-4

Dandelion TR-4

More pics can be found at the original post.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine 01.2006 Preview

The January 2006 issue of DHM has been released in Japan and it contains some great AoZ material. Inside is an 'Advance of Z Modeling Manual' (scans at Spriggan's flickr page). Also included is a model of the TR-5 Fiver! This thing looks fantastic, I can't wait to see more.

Monday, December 05, 2005

RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 + FF-X29A 'Hazel Rah'

Flickr Photo Thanks to TTT Arc and FichtenFoo user Spriggan, we have some great new photos of the Hazel Rah. Before this we couldn't even confirm that the name was the Hazel Rah (though we suspected).

The Hazel Rah is a Gundam TR-1 unit (either the Hazel Custom or Advanced Hazel) equipped with the FF-X29A flight pack. The flight pack mounts on the rear movable booster pod and/or the waist of the unit. It consists of any combination of two types of wing-like boosters. In the picture to the left, the art-work shows the carrier-type pod on the mobile suit's right hand side and the standard-type on the mobile suits left hand side. The carrier-type can open up to deploy equipment that a Long Blade Rifle barrel can mount on. Alternatively the Long Blade Rifle barrel is mounted to the standard Hazel rifle, as shown here.
Flickr Photo
The Hazel Rah can also be deployed with it's "wings" in alternate configurations. To the right we see the Hazel Rah with two standard-type wings on the top and two carrier-type wings on the bottom. The carrier-type wings are show with the Long Blade Rifle barrels, one deployed forward and one back. Their name indicates these barrels may be combination beam rifles/beam sabers, making them a likely predecessor to the Feyadeen Rifle of the Hambrabi and the Gabthley. The core MS in this picture also equips the sensor visor of the Advanced Hazel, and based on the darker coloring, this could be the Advanced Hazel or the Hazel Custom after it's been repainted with the traditional Titans blue.

Flickr PhotoThere is also some speculation that the flight pack can work independently of a mobile suit. In this pic, the unit at the top looks like it's deployed that way. There is some speculation on the TTT Arc that this is a predecessor of the Hambrabi.

The theme of names from the Watership Down novel is continued on this mobile suit. 'Rah' is the title given to a chief rabbit. The character Hazel from the novel was not a chief, but was referred to as 'Hazel-Rah' at least once in the novel for the role he played. The flight unit is also referred to as the Hrududu (Furudodo in the original kana). Hrududu means 'vehicle' in Thaline, the language of the rabbits of Watership Down.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


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